Jane Eyre

by Daniel Zaitchik

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Written in 2006, recorded many years later.
Music video: vimeo.com/210798947


words + music by daniel zaitchik

i tried to read jane eyre but i couldn’t get through it
after several pages my eyes were elsewhere and i blew it
i’ll never read jane eyre, i know i’ll never get through it
and though i’d like to kiss you, i’m sitting on my fingers
cuz i know that i lost the right to do it when i put you down
next to jane

and in the company of well-read folk
i might just pretend that i have read it
and if they ask my opinion i’ll say something abstruse
and then excuse me to the loo and run the water
i might just get away with it

and if the conversation turns to you
i might just do the same thing
nod and smile, nod and nod and smile and smile
nod and smile
and watch the rapid lips and teeth and tongues declare
your rave reviews
“how superb” you are, “how beautiful,” “how true”

i’ve never read the book, so i can only guess
it’s got something to do with lovers
and something to do with losses and reunions
something about a woman and her status and her dresses
in england and/or america
detail after detail, paragraphs devoted to a chandelier
and how the light and shadows from it made things clear:
expressions of love, impressions and suggestions
of a love that once was never there

or maybe it’s about lovers with no responsibilities
and in this dream they only feast on in-n-out and krispy kreme
and grow bellies so fat their lips can’t reach each other
but they find a way of kissing
they find a way of kissing nonetheless
invent a new way of kissing even when they’re miles away
maybe that’s what bronte had to say
it’s possible but unlikely anyway

i never heard what you were saying
i just watched your mouth move
i didn’t care what you knew or didn’t know
i just watched your mouth move
i watched my baby’s mouth move
i watched my baby’s mouth move

and in 20, 30 years when i’m a vintage and more expensive man
in 20, 30, 40 years when my pages are yellow
and you can buy me at the strand
i’ll want to kiss you
cuz even though i never got all way through
i’ll always be in so in awe of you

i’ll want to kiss you
cuz even though i quit when we had nearly begun
i’ll always be
so in love with chapter one


released March 30, 2017
piano + vocal: Daniel Zaitchik
violin: Ariana Rosen
cello: Lauren Riley Rigby



all rights reserved


Daniel Zaitchik Los Angeles, California

singer-songwriter-pianist daniel zaitchik.

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